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Welcome to the New SCUBA WIZE Blog & Website

I would like to be the first to welcome you to our new SCUBA WIZE website and Blog for our Sunken Treasure Workshops. I am Marc Littleton the Divemaster and one of the newest Treasure Hunters. My story started 45 years ago as a 10 year old boy diving in the Manasquan River searching for Sunken Pirate Treasure. Over the years SCUBA diving the deep wrecks of the New Jersey Shore and learning from the best North East divers & Navy divers which in my opinion are the best in the world. With over 7000 logged wreck dives I have joined the ranks. While the treasures found back then were mostly historical artifacts which many are in museums today. Seven years ago I migrated south for work and began diving the wrecks on the East Coast of Florida when the bug hit me again for diving for history and what better place in the world to learn. Over time my paths crossed with the World Famous Capt. Carl Fismer & Capt. Bradley Williamson and after reviewing their Sunken Treasure Workshop, SCUBA WIZE was born. Now my goal is to share the rich history of the 1733 & 1715 Spanish Galleon Fleets that were wrecked on the shallows of our reefs from hurricanes. There are many facts and much research that I will be sharing over time on this blog of the adventures of the men on the Galleons, the loss of life and the treasures found and the treasures that are waiting to be found today. The great part is you have the same opportunity as I do and find treasure artifacts on the beach or at dive sites if you know how. We are here to teach you how and take you to a 1733 Spanish Galleon.

Today marks the opening of our new website and a new chapter in the history of SCUBA WIZE and I hope you join us for the ride because it will be awesome!


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