1715 Treasure Fleet Adventure Offer for 2019

We are offering the opportunity to break free from the mundane and experience an adventure filled with excitement unlike any other experience you will ever have in your lifetime; because we are offering the chance to be part of a REAL expedition to re-cover sunken treasure. All this for the same amount you would spend on an ordinary and mundane dive vacation. 

We have a limited amount of openings and they have been going fast so we only have a few left. You can come on board and be part of the team and have a once in a lifetime adventure of diving on sunken Spanish galleons and finding treasure for as little as 1,000. And “Yes”, we accept credit cards

Please feel free to contact us for more information and other backing opportunities. if you would like a copy for of our brochure and if you are serious formal agreement and contract please provide us with the information below and one of us will reach out to you. 









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