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This is a bucket List Adventure you don't want to miss!

Scuba Wize Class of July 2017

Join Us Sept 16th, 2016

Do you every Dream about diving on Spanish Galleon's with world famous Diving Legends? Now you can!


The experience of a lifetime awaits you as you now have the opportunity to spend the day with real successful Treasure Hunters in the Florida Keys Learning How to find Sunken Treasure on the 1733 fleet of Spanish Galleons. Captain Carl Fismer "FIZZ" & Bradley Williamson who have over 60 years of combined experience will teach you how to find and recover lost Sunken Treasure and you will SCUBA DIVE or Snorkel on two wreck sites of a 1733 Spanish Galleon. SUNKEN TREASURE WORKSHOP OVERVIEW

Learn to Find Sunken Treasure and Dive on Two Spanish Treasure Galleons Sites.

The day will start at 9:00 at Islamorada Jewelers where the attendees will have their classroom courses amid a display of recovered sunken treasure and artifacts, much or which Capt. Carl Fismer and Capt. Bradley Williamson have recovered. The first session will be about historic and current sunken treasure recovery projects. The next session will cover on how to decide on a sunken treasure recovery project based on factors such as cargo, dive conditions, legal regulations, etc. The third session will focus on how to obtain funding for your recovery project. In the next session we will discuss current techniques for locating the treasure shipwreck. The fifth session will address recovery procedures and techniques. And finally we will share how to document and preserve recoveries. We will then take a lunch break for about and hour and meet up at Capt. Slates SCUBA Adventures to hop aboard a dive boat and extend the classroom session out on to a actual treasure Spanish Galleon Shipwreck from the 1733 fleet. Here we will provide and actual hands on underwater classroom session and discussion. The water in the tropical Keys is always warm and gin clear, while we will take photos, you are more then welcome to bring your own camera or underwater video equipment. Our own Treasure Hunter and Divemaster Marc Littleton will also be in the water with you taking photos. After returning to the dock we will meet up at a local restaurant / bar (TBD) to regal the adventures of our day, answer any questions and have fun. We will also issue the certificates signed by both Captain Carl Fismer and Captain Bradley Williamson

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SCUBA WIZE Kevin & Marc Littleton

Treasure Divers

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