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Winter is over lets dive on a Galleon

Winter is over here in the Florida Keys and the weather is turning simply gorgeous. The crystal clear waters of the reefs reveal the sea life that protects our sunken Spanish Galleons that went down during the 1733 hurricane 285 years ago this July. Now is the perfect time to journey of the adventure of a life time with Capt. Carl Fismer, Capt. Bradley Williamson and Divemaster Marc Littleton as they take you through the World’s only adventure of learning how to find Sunken Treasure on the Spanish Galleons in Florida. Come learn the History, SCUBA or SNORKEL or even just join us in class and come for the boat ride to the Galleons as we take our classroom at to sea.

Worlds only Sunken Treasure Workshop! This is an Adventure of a lifetime!

Our May 19th Class is booking up fast! Reserve your spot now.

This is going to be an epic day leaning how to find sunken treasure and learning about the laws, how to fund the project and so much more. Workshop is taught by the best in the industry Capt. Carl Fismer "FIZZ", Capt. Brad Bradley Williamson and Marc Littleton Divemaster. Join us and we will have fun, learn and dive on two Spanish Galleon location. Contact me directly for a special deal! Marc 321-427-7134 Visit

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