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The good from Hurricane Irma

As everyone knows by now Hurricane Irma threw us a little bit of a curve ball here in Florida and decimated the Florida Keys to the point that it will take the lower Keys years to rebuild. While the rest of us here on the mainland worried about some trees, fences, some sheds knocked down and a few days of the inconvenience of having no power, our friends in the Keys were busy going door to door where homes and businesses still stood looking for survivors. Many of the structures were just gone. This was two weeks ago and a long two weeks it has been for many of us. The good news is that the clean-up and rebuilding has started. The upper Keys now are getting back to normal and business are opening more and more each day. With that being said, the Keys depends on the visitors for their livelihood. The perfect way for you to help Support the Keys is to plan a trip and enjoy yourself. If you are like us and have a love for the ocean and Treasure this is a great time! The best thing that came out of this hurricane is that people worked together as neighbors do in time of need. We will see stories of hero's for years to come. Another good thing happened, because of the horrible storm many of the Spanish Galleons that have been covered deep in sand for many years may now be visible once again.

If you would like to help support the Keys and our favorite Dive shop join us at our Sunken Treasure Workshop where you get to dive on a Spanish Galleon with the world famous treasure hunters Capt. Carl Fismer, Capt. Bradly Williamson and our Divemaster Marc Littleton. Visit our Website for details on our next Sunken Treasure Workshop

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