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Who is Captain Carl "Fizz" Fismer Treasure Hunter?

Carl Fismer is a world famous Treasure Diver, Cancer Survivor, World Traveler, Television Star and Dynamic Motivational Keynote Speaker.

With over 40 years of treasure search and salvage experience, Captain Carl Fismer is one of the most respected and knowledgeable diving professionals in the world. Carl has worked with some of the leaders in treasure hunting. Carl has worked over 30 years with respected Treasure Historian Jack Haskins and worked with Mel Fisher on the Atocha. His area of expertise is shipwrecks... especially Spanish shipwrecks. During his career, he has worked over 300 shipwrecks in the United States, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, the Indian Ocean and Central and South America. He has recovered millions of dollars in Spanish gold, silver, jewels and other artifacts. "Fizz”, as he is known to friends, directed part of the salvage diving of the Santa Margarita, sister ship to the Nuestra Senora de Atocha which was discovered by Mel Fisher. Then in 1986, he led an expedition to the Silver Shoals in the Dominican Republic, and there located the famed galleon, Concepcion which sank during a hurricane in 1641. In 1992, he traveled to Sri Lanka and dived with Sir Arthur C. Clarke of 2001: A Space Odyssey fame, in association with the Great Basses Reef Treasures. In May, 2010, Captain Fismer was awarded the Mel Fisher Lifetime Achievement Award for perseverance in following his quest for life, his motivation of mankind in the search for knowledge, discovery and the ambitions of the human spirit and the ability to achieve in life what others might only dare to dream.

Listed below are some of the major wrecks Carl has worked on.

Arthur C. Clark and the Taj Mahal Treasure:

Carl took Arthur C. Clark on his last diving trip and is the consultant on the Taj Mahal Treasure.

The Atocha & Santa Margarita:

Carl Fismer worked with Mel Fisher on the recovery of the 1622 Spanish galleon Santa Margarita and the Atocha in Key West waters.

1715 Fleet:

Carl has worked on the 1715 Fleet on and off for the last few decades. Carl has salvaged millions of dollars from the 1715 Fleet.

1733 Fleet:

Carl learned his craft on the 1733 fleet from the grandfather of modern day treasure diving, Art McKee.


Carl Fismer led the second expedition to Silver Shoals, 70 miles off Dominica, where the famed galleon Concepcion sank in 1641.

Capt. Carl Fismer is the real “Most interesting Man in the World” he is the real deal and not an actor. He is real motivational speaker, has had his own TV Show "Treasure Divers" and has been seen on Pawn Stars as a treasure authenticator.

With Capt. Fismer’s help SCUBA WIZE was born so that he and other successful treasure hunters Capt. Bradley Williamson could help others and make their dreams come true! Tell me who does not want to dive on a Spanish Galleon with real successful Treasure Hunters? They share their knowledge on the history of treasure diving, how to find Sunken Treasure, get funding, laws, and you will even dive on a 1733 Spanish Galleon in two locations. At the end of the day you will even be awarded a Sunken Treasure Certificate!

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