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“Sunken Treasure.... No words in the language hold more magic. Who hasn’t dreamed, sometime or other, of diving into one of the lost galleons of the Spanish Main loaded with precious cargo of gold and silver., billions of dollars’ worth of treasure lies at the bottom of the sea buried beneath the coral of centuries.” Sir Arthur C. Clarke.”

The experience of a lifetime awaits you as you now have the opportunity to spend the day with real successful Treasure Hunters in the Florida Keys Learning How to find Sunken Treasure on the 1733 fleet of Spanish Galleons. Captain Carl Fismer "FIZZ", Capt. Bradley Williamson & Divemaster Marc Littleton who have over 100 years of combined experience will teach you how to find and recover lost Sunken Treasure and you will SCUBA DIVE or Snorkel on two wreck sites of a 1733 Spanish Galleon. Learn to Find Sunken Treasure with World Famous Treasure Hunters. Over the years there have been other old school greats in this industry that started treasure hunting in Florida and around the world. Most of these people are no longer with us today. Now you have the chance to learn from successful treasure hunters in their own right, that have worked with the great ones of years past like Jack Haskins, Commander Bob Weller, Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Mel Fisher and others. This is where they got their start, now you have the chance to get your start with us! SCUBA WIZE is holding the only known Sunken Treasure Workshop that we know of at the present time. You get the chance to spend the day learning about the history of treasure hunting right where it began in the Florida Keys. Your morning starts off with a classroom session on the history, current processes, laws and question – answer session, then in the afternoon we take our classroom out to sea to dive two Spanish Galleon locations. Now if you are not SCUBA certified that is fine because these wrecks are in shallow water and it’s also great for snorkeling. If you can’t make the entire day we also offer half day classes so you can just enjoy the dive portion of our workshop.

If you have any questions please call or e-mail us we would love for you to join us our next Sunken Treasure Workshop adventure.

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