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PADI Divemaster AI / Treasure  Hunter

A Dream that was found!

When I was a little ten-year-old boy growing up on the Manasquan River in Point Pleasant NJ in 1968 I had dreams of finding treasure at the bottom of the ocean. So my Dad gave me my start in diving with small dive tank with a two hose regulator and a couple of pool classes from a friend that was a diver. (At the time there was no SCUBA training for kids my age) I was told to find treasure in the shallow, murky waters. Two years later I became SCUBA certified by Navy Diver George Singer; he was also a famous deep water diver in the North East.  George Singer was my mentor growing up and over the years until he retired after a long career as the owner of 4 Divers Dive Shop in Point Pleasant Beach NJ. We did many of the wrecks along the Jersey shore before he stopped diving in 1971.  In 1972 I was one of the first PADI divers to be certified I on the East Coast. Over the years I have progressed and honed my skills becoming an expert wreck diver with over 7000 logged dives.  In 1978 I joined the Army and worked as a Medic and was stationed all over the world and diving at every chance I had in many remote locations.  In the early 1980’s I started to enjoy the history of the wreck sites I visited and decided to move my PADI certifications to the next level. My training progressed all the way to Divemaster / AI, so I could take other diver’s out on the wrecks and teach them the history I had learned over the years.  As with many others other divers from my area one of our main dive boats was the now world-famous Seeker out of Brielle NJ. Only the best of the best would dive on this boat because of the many deep water dives past that of recreational dive limits.   Most of my diving was mostly deeper water wrecks off the North East to include my Mount Everest the S.S. Andrea Doria at 245 feet. For the next decade, I worked closely with a Dive Shop teaching classes of new divers and going on expeditions worldwide with my students and customers. I moved to central Florida in 2010 and had been diving wrecks up and down the coast. After many years the little boy's dream had finally come true, and I am now working on the 1715 feet doing treasure hunting and recovery.  This all started with the same opportunity as you now have to take the Sunken Treasure Workshop and dive with the best sunken treasure hunters in the world today on 1733 Treasure Galleons with Capt. Carl Fismer "FIZZ and Capt. Bradley Williamson. Not only do I continue to dive on these workshops, I am becoming a treasure hunter in my own rights with their guidance and others in this industry


My goal is to memorialize your day with great photos of your trip and act as your Divemaster in the water to help make your day awesome. While doing this I still get to dive with the two best treasure hunters I know and make new friends on each dive.


I am looking forward to seeing you at the Sunken Treasure Workshop. Feel free to contact me anytime

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