Carl Fismer has recovered sunken treasure from around the world. Some of his famous treasure recoveries are from the Concepcion wreck off the Dominican Republic, the Maravilla shipwreck in the Bahamas, The Taj Mahal shipwreck with Sir Arthur Clark and starred in his own television series "Treasure Divers".

Captain Carl Fismer - A Legendary treasure hunter

Carl Fismer lives the life of an adventurer. The type of life that they make books, movies and video games about. Carl Fismer, affectionately dubbed "Fizz", is a treasure hunter that has dived on some of the world's most famous shipwrecks. He is often described as a real life underwater Indiana Jones. Carl is an active treasure hunter who travels the world looking for treasure and artifacts. He has worked with Mel Fisher on the world famous treasure ship, the Atocha. Carl Fismer is often called in as an expert on shipwrecks and treasures of the Spanish Main when producers and writers want to add realism to their productions.

When Carl Fismer isn't diving shipwrecks, he tours around the world as a motivational speaker. Imagine your next conference with an inspirational speaker as electrifying as Carl Fismer as your keynote speaker. The excitement of the crowd when they hear that a world famous treasure diver is going to be featured. Carl's story is fascinating and will motivate and inspire the room. Carl Fismer delights his audience with stories of shipwrecks, lost treasure, the Spanish Main, and treasure hunting. Carl is a motivational speaker like no other. Unlike usual speakers who are business people or politicians, your audience will be intrigued and inspired by Carl's unique story. 

Carl Fismer is a motivational speaker who left an ordinary job to lead the life of a treasure hunter. Carl has weathered hurricanes, starred in his own television series "Treasure Divers", looked for lost treasure and found millions of dollars of sunken treasure. Book Now to have the most exciting motivational speaker at your next event.


World Famous Treasure Hunter



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